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"The Hunting Camp 52 audiobook has really taken off with more lifetime to date sales than any of our other audio titles!"

Diane Drexler

Managing Editor

Wisconsin Historical Society Press

"Great work Kevin! You’ve really brought these stories to life."

Peter Bovenmyer

Wisconsin Historical Society Press

Hunting Camp 52


"Kevin was fantastic! He kept us fully informed every step of the way and even created the PDF supplement and supervised its placement on Amazon for listeners to download. He even helped to promote the audiobook, to the delight of both the publisher and the authors. If you're looking for a
top-notch narrator/producer, you can't go wrong with Kevin."
Harriman House, Independent Financial Publisher: Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement


"You really brought my story to life. That creepy laugh the audience hears at the end was better than I imagined when I wrote it! Kudos!"

Adam Vine


“Kevin Meyer is one of the pioneers in using his voice to project stories and visual elements. As an integral part of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network, he made movies and TV accessible for millions of people around the world.”
Jim Stovall
Founder / President
Narrative Television Network

sound console
Lurk audiobook cover.jpg
Lurk - Adam Vine
Deadfall Ridge Cover.jpg
Deadfall Ridge - Duncan McGeary
Corruption graphic.jpg
Corruption - AdamVine
Most Productive graphic.jpg
The Most Productive... - M. Rank
Tulsa 1921 cover graphic.jpg
Tulsa 1921 - Randy Krehbiel
Your Complete Guide cover.jpg
Successful Retirement - Larry Swedroe
Hunting Camp 52 graphic.jpg
Hunting Camp 52 - John Marvin Hanson
A Brief History cover.jpg
A Brief History of Doom - Richard Vague
Ortho graphic.jpg
The Ortho Manifesto - D. Burleson

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